A real flood of people, especially families, visited the 6th Animal Expo last weekend. 

Anxious to see the more than 1600 dogs on display, as well as the nearly 200 cats and various species of exotic animals, visitors did not fail to pay special attention to this year's novelties, such as the anthills and the startups area. 

More than 10,000 visitors, coming from the most diverse parts of the country as well as neighbouring Spain, passed through what is already a reference in the sector at national and international level. In addition to the canine beauty exhibitions, both national and international and international felines, visitors had the opportunity to be enchanted with dozens of exotic animals, with special emphasis on the Civeta, the Weasels, the Red Iguana, Tarantula, Giant Tortoise and the Bearded Dragons, among many reptiles, birds, etc. But the sensation of the event was certainly the presentation of the ant colonies, newcomers to the event, and which delighted everyone who passed by to see the novelty. There was also space for awareness of the adoption of animals, by Agere and the Abandoned Pets Association, as well as the presence of several companies offering services for animals, accessories, and food products. 

Expo Animal is characterized by being a very complete event within the sector since it brings together in one space - Altice Forum Braga Pavilion, canine and feline exhibitions, in partnership with the Portuguese Clubs of Caniculture and Feliniculture, countless companies in the sector, an area for the presentation of startups, and exotic animals exhibition. 

In recent years, the event has achieved the status of International Dog Exhibitions and maintained it for this edition, guaranteeing the trust of the Portuguese Kennel Club and FCI - Fédération Cynologique Internationale. Having marked, year after year, the panorama of Dog Shows held in Portugal, it is important to highlight some decisive factors for its success. Firstly, the growing number of registered entries, well above the national average, which clearly demonstrates the relevance, increasingly crucial, of the Dog Show of Braga in the national and international context. On the other hand, the high number of visitors to the exhibitions over the two days, also motivated by the playful and pedagogical demonstrations promoted by the organization. 

The 7th edition is scheduled for November 7 and 8, 2020. 









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