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Braga, Authentic city

Considered one of the youngest European cities, Braga manages to perfectly combine its two-thousand-year history with youth and invigorating vitality.

Braga has always assumed a strategic and central regional role: from Bracara Augusta to our days, either because of its privileged geographical location or because of its dynamism, Braga plays a leading role in terms of economic, cultural and knowledge and technology. 

Its centrality and relevance allows to offer its inhabitants an excellent quality of life in its most varied criteria: in Health, Employment, Education, Security, Culture, among many others.

Likewise, the Braga City Council has sought to promote these and other fundamental criteria to satisfy the needs and expectations of its inhabitants; developing policies for social cohesion and equality, supporting families as the primary nucleus of the community, raising awareness of sustainable growth, promoting innovation and creativity as engines of development.

At the economic level, the Municipality considers Economic Dynamization, Investment Capture and Internationalization as key vectors in the strategic measures that the Municipality has adopted, in order to enhance the Dynamism, Innovation, Knowledge and Creativity of the Business, towards to a new local and regional economic cycle. 

And this municipal commitment to promote development based on knowledge transfer, technology and eco sustainability, has strengthened Braga's vision as a cluster of technological industries, making it an increasingly attractive pole for investment.

Destination Braga has also aroused more and more interest in new segments: Religious and Cultural Tourism (which so well defines the motivation of most of those who visit us), Business Tourism, City Breaks and Gastronomy and Wines are beginning to assert itself as new anchor products in the tourism promotion of Senhora do Minho.

Enjoy Braga! From here, you can discover Gerês, the North of Portugal and Galicia, but come back ... Come back because here you are close to everything.

Council Hidden Treasures

"Braga Natural" promotes hidden treasures.

The promotional short film, by the Municipality of Braga, intends to show the lesser-known places of the Braga council. Within 6 minutes you will see Braga council fauna and flora and at the same time understand the historical roots of the city.

'Braga Natural' was directed by the University of Minho professor Martin Dale.

  • Voice-over: Eduardo Rêgo
  • Fauna Photos: João Ferreira
  • Video Walks: Diogo Costa.

Points of interest

Cathedral of Braga

It is located 1.7 km from Altice Forum Braga.


Republic Square

It is located 1.5 km from Altice Forum Braga


Santa Barbara’s Garden

It is located 1.7 km from  Altice Forum Braga.


Bom Jesus do Monte

It is located 5.9 km from Altice Forum Braga.


Sanctuary of Sameiro

It is located 8.9 km from Altice Forum Braga.


Monastery of Tibães

It is located 8.4 km from Altice Forum Braga.


City Events

Holy Week

This event happens in Braga, usually during the period of Easter. 


Braga Romana

This event happens in Braga, usually in May.  


São João

This event happens in Braga in June.  


White Night

This event happens in Braga in September.  









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