If you like dogs, cats and animals in general, you cannot miss Altice Forum Braga next weekend, where the 6th Animal Expo in Braga will take place. More than 1800 dogs, cats of different breeds and exotic animals are expected. 

The long-awaited canine and feline exhibitions included in the national and international calendar will be held. This weekend (9th and 10th of November), Altice Forum Braga receives the 13th National Dog Show and the 10th International Dog Show in Braga, an initiative carried out in collaboration with the Portuguese Kennel Club. At the same time, the 16th and 17th International Cat Show of Braga will take place, which records the collaboration of the Clube Português de Felinicultura. 

Presented today, November 5th, to the media, Expo Animal in Braga should bring to Altice Forum Braga over 10,000 visitors, similar to what happened in previous editions. 

Having marked, year after year, the panorama of Dog Shows held in Portugal, it is important to highlight some decisive factors for its success. Firstly, the growing number of registered entries, well above the national average, which clearly demonstrates the relevance, increasingly crucial, of the Dog Show of Braga in the national and international context. On the other hand, the high number of visitors to the exhibitions over the two days, also motivated by the playful and pedagogical demonstrations promoted by the organization. It should also be noted that in recent years the event has achieved the status of International Dog Exhibitions and has maintained it for this edition, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the Portuguese Kennel Club and FCI - Fédération Cynologique Internationale. 

Carlos Silva, InvestBraga executive administrator, the official organizer of the event, points out that: “the Pavilion will be fully filled, with 38 exhibitors, an increase of 30% in the global area in terms of occupancy compared to the previous year. We will have here 16 national and international judges to evaluate more than 1800 animals on display, for the dispute of 136 trophies, which reinforces the quality of the same exhibitions”. 

Dog and cat exhibitions can be enjoyed Saturday and Sunday throughout the day. Dogs of a wide range of national and international breeds are expected to be exhibited in the rings placed on the ground floor in the Altice Forum Braga Pavilion, as well as dozens of cat breeds, from Persians, Exotics, Norwegian Forest, Sacred Burma, Europeans, Abyssinians, Azul Russo, Somali, Bengal, Siamese, among others, which can be seen in this exhibition on the first floor. 

The first evaluations start at 10 am, followed by the playful-pedagogical demonstrations, of the GNR Kino technical unit on Saturday and of the PSP on Sunday, obedience, and agility. Highlight also for Dances with Dogs and Dog Frisbee by Carolina Marques and his two Border Collies, Gin, and Vodka, that always attract a lot of public, and that takes place on both days of the event. 

In addition to the canine and feline exhibitions, there will also be space for several exhibitors to bring to the general public and breeders, services, products and news from the sector.  

In this space, we highlight the new section dedicated to Startups / Micro companies, present on Floor 1. Expected exotic animals, among which stand out the presence of giant tortoises, Australian weasel, snakes, iguanas, tarantulas, macaws and scorpions, including the presentation of ant colonies and the famous mammal Civeta that gives rise to the most expensive coffee in the world, the Kopi Luwak, promise to bring even more colour to the event and animate the most curious, in what will be the 7th presence of animals of this kind at the event. 

“It is also important to highlight the playful-pedagogical demonstrations”, which take place over the two days of the event, which are very captivating performances for the public. One of the great attractions of this year, with strong dynamics for the public, is the kind technical demonstrations of GNR and PSP and the relationship that is created in the binomial dog and police ”, assures José Olímpio, InvestBraga operational director and responsible for the organization of the event. He also reinforces that the entire available area will be occupied, which speaks well of the greatness of this event that has been held at Altice Forum Braga since 2006, and that in 2007 it achieved the status of International Exhibition. 

José Coutinho, general director of Fairs, Congresses and Events at InvestBraga, confirms “that this event, 100% organized by Investbraga, with the support of the canine and feline clubs in Portugal, integrates an important pillar in attracting the public, in the proposal of leisure and business of Altice Forum Braga ”. He adds that Expo Animal is already a reference in the international calendar of canine and feline exhibitions. 

Daily tickets cost 3.5 euros for those over 11 years old. For children between 4 and 10 years old, they cost 1.5 € and children up to 3 years old do not pay when accompanied by an adult. 









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