Altice Forum Braga can, from today, be visited virtually. InvestBraga launched an important tool, unique in Portugal, with this dimension, for the events segment, which will allow, in times of distance, to visit Braga based event space, virtually. 

A Virtual Tour was presented today at a press conference, created exclusively, which allows a virtual visit to all areas of Altice Forum Braga. With this, InvestBraga intends to recreate all the interior and exterior areas of the event space in Braga and, thus, overcome the impossibility of customers and spectators to visit the venue in person, more pressing in the current phase that we are all going through.  

Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga and InvestBraga Chairman said that “the use of the Virtual Tour resource is a pioneer in what concerns the events segment, being an imperative tool in the current context in which we live, allowing to promote the continuity of the activity of Altice Forum Braga, even in isolation ” 

Using 360º and HD technologies, Investbraga offers, from now on, horizontal and vertical panoramic views of the pavilion, the auditoriums and the various rooms and other areas, as well as the main entrance and the entrance through Altice Forum Braga parking. It is also possible, in a simple and intuitive way, to simulate the implementation of different types of rooms in some of the spaces and have access to the characteristics of all of them with information points in each location. 

For the Altice Forum Braga commercial teams, using this tool will shorten the distance with their customers, recreating the visits they had, now in a virtual environment. The objectives of the commercial actions will also be profitable in the current teleworking regime, with the possibility of having interactive meetings to present the spaces, with visits to all locations, without the client travelling, or with the clarification of doubts without the need for physical contact. It will also be possible to dematerialize the sales process, with a significant reduction in the information sent. Another objective is to use this platform as a way of promoting virtual fairs, in parallel with real fairs and visits to the Art Gallery, Forum Art Braga. According to Carlos Silva, InvestBraga executive administrator, “the use of a Virtual Tour will also allow people with reduced mobility to be informed about the accessibility and access to the Altice Forum space. It also adds that "the distance will be only physical because the monitoring will be as close as in the past and in this way, we are planning the future that is expected to be possible soon." 

From the point of view of the general public, this virtual tour offers the opportunity to get to know Altice Forum Braga better, since the visitor will be allowed to access the spaces freely and observe details that would not normally be noticeable in a visit to a congress, show or fair. 

Carlos Silva is also of the opinion that in the “near future, the shows will be lived in two ways: the traditional way, with the physical presence at Altice Forum Braga, in a reduced format of seats, and the virtual way, with the transmission of events of digitally, in partnership with Altice Portugal ”.  

He adds that “we are working with our partners in broadcasting regular shows in PAY PER VIEW format, towards MEO channels. This format will also play an important role in the transmission of culture in Portugal in the future.” 

In the coming weeks, a set of hobbies will also be launched on the social networks of Altice Forum Braga with challenges and prizes for those who visit the Virtual Tour of Altice Forum Braga. 

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