Altice Forum Braga will host between the 28th of June and the 6th of July the finals of the world competition Dance World Cup, which gathers 6003 athletes from 53 countries. Braga is organizing a large international event that will bring thousands of people to the northern region and Portugal. The event will allow the full occupation of Altice Forum Braga during the week of its holding. 

According to Ricardo Costa, CEO of Grupo Bernardo da Costa and BC Segurança and ambassador of the event in Portugal, Dance World Cup is “the dance party, which will bring to the contest 8 dance styles divided into 4 age categories: mini, children, junior and senior. It is an event with the dimension of the Winter Olympic Games, because it brings together more than 6,000 people in a competition between amateurs, whose ages are around 15 years old (about 80% of the participants are under the age of 15) ”. 

In turn, the Braga City Councillor, Sameiro Araújo, highlights “the international recognition that this competition provides to Braga and the country. This is an event on a global scale, which finds in Braga a millenary city, with multiple historical, tourist and infrastructural attractions, which will certainly provide an excellent stay to all those who travel to Braga to participate and to watch the competition ”. 

Carlos Silva, InvestBraga’ s Executive Administrator, stated that “receiving a competition like the Dance World Cup demonstrates that Altice Forum Braga is making the promised path of capturing events of international importance for Braga and for the country. This will undoubtedly be one of the biggest events that will take place in this modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure ", he also said that" this will be the biggest sports event that Portugal has held to date and that could be considered the Olympic Dance Games, due to the number high number of athletes in competition ”. 

The Dance World Cup is a competition that brings together, in one event, the modalities of classic, contemporary, hip-hop, street dance, acro dance, jazz, tap dancing, commercial, national folklore and, for the first time in 2019, dances salon. The high standard of the Dance World Cup encourages, in addition to individual performances, group dances. 

Portugal has a team of 700 dancers, which resulted from the choice of the first 4 classified in each of the 8 categories. Usually, the choice to represent each country is made in the selection of the top 3 classifieds. 

There are an estimated 3,000 performances, around 120 prize deliveries, 3 to 4 masterclasses per day, 4 galas where all gold medals will be able to perform and a parade with around 3,500 dancers, who will tour the streets of Braga to the hymns of each country. 

Photo: http://www.dwcworld.com/opening_ceremony_2019  

The Dance World Cup final (the largest dance competition in the world) is held annually in a different location and country. In 2019, Braga and Portugal host this competition, thus succeeding Sitges, Barcelona (Spain), Offenburg (Germany), Bucharest (Romania), Jersey (United States of America), Paris (France) and Sardinia (Italy). 

Altice Forum Braga provided its own structure that made the international transmission of the event via Live Streaming feasible and free of charge (https://www.clubwow.events/post_event/dwc-2019/ ). 

Public access is free, through daily purchase at a ticket office specifically created for this purpose in the Foyer of Altice Forum Braga. Galas tickets can be purchased online (http://dwcworld.com/gala_tickets_2019 ) 

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