On the last day when another brilliant Dance World Cup ends, Braga and the event's organizers announced that the city of Minho and Altice Forum Braga will once again host the largest global dance competition in 2022. In the edition that ends today, the Portuguese delegation won second place on the podium, with a total of 93 medals. Altice Forum Braga received with this event more than 100 thousand visits in the nine days of competition. 

“The Dance World Cup, with an extraordinary organization, had a huge impact on the city of Braga from a social, cultural and economic point of view, with an estimated direct return of around 20 million Euros. This impact also extended to the entire region. An important fact that motivated his return in 2022, announced today, was, certainly, the extraordinary professionalism and quality in the organization of events of this magnitude, both for the structural conditions that were created, through Altice Forum Braga, and for the articulation of all agents of the InvestBraga team, the Municipality of Braga, the security forces and all of our partners, who make Braga a city perfectly prepared for this type of organization ”, said Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga and InvestBraga chairman, the managing entity of Altice Forum Braga. 

In turn, John Grimshaw underlined that “we are delighted to announce that we will return to Braga in 2022. I am sure that all the dancers will be excited to return to this special place. Live streaming was a huge success. We had views of about 500 thousand people and more than 5 million minutes from 168 countries”. 

 Carlos Silva, InvestBraga's Executive Administrator, highlighted that “the Dance World Cup is part of the strategy of InvestBraga and the Braga City Council to captivate events that promote business, sports and religious tourism. Visitors are families who accompany the athletes and take advantage of this opportunity to get to know Braga and the best that the city has to offer, in terms of heritage, gastronomy and leisure. It is with great enthusiasm that we are going to host this event again in 2022”. 

Ricardo Costa, Ambassador in Portugal of the event, said that “the final of the Dance World Cup 2019 held in Braga exceeded all expectations! The whole city was mobilized around the event and the return, both in international visibility and in the economic component, was superior to any forecast we have made. One last word of recognition to the entire Altice Forum Braga team, they were tireless and of exemplary professionalism!” 

The Dance World Cup is a competition that brings together, in one event, the modalities of classic, contemporary, hip-hop, street dance, acro dance, jazz, tap dancing, commercial, national folklore and, for the first time in 2019, dances salon. The high standard of the Dance World Cup encourages, in addition to individual performances, group dances. 


In the 2019 edition, Portugal had a team of 700 dancers, which resulted from the choice of the first 4 classified in each of the 8 categories. In total, more than 6000 athletes, from 53 countries, competed over the last week at Altice Forum Braga, which in turn received 100,000 visits with this event. 

The Portuguese delegation was one of the great sensations of the competition, winning second place on the podium just behind England. In total, Portuguese athletes and athletes won 93 medals, 37 gold, 24 silver and 32 bronze. 

The global results of the competition can be found at the following links: 

  • http://dwcfinals.com/CountryMedals  
  • http://dwcfinals.com/Results  

During the 9 days of competitions, there were about 3 thousand performances, 120 prize deliveries, 3 to 4 masterclasses per day, 4 galas where all the gold medallists performed and a parade with around 3,500 dancers, who walked the streets of the city of Braga to the sound of the hymns of each country. 









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